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  When I moved to Scotland in 2014, I did not know Food could become my biggest passion and reason of joy.
At that time I was a fresh Law graduate seeking for new job opportunities, but life changed so quickly and the year after I opened a Coffee Shop in Glasgow with my family.
Accento Cafe based all its fortune on bringing the simple authenticity of Italian food in its menu.
Since then, I never stopped cooking following my roots combining them with the richness of the Scottish produce thank to the brilliant work of local supplier I had the luck to meet during my business journey.

  It is from the love I put in my previous job and in an always growing nostalgia for my home country that I decided to focus on Italianfooduk, sharing not only the recipes and the flavours of my childhood in Sardinia but also the new ones, contaminated by the luck of  meeting and knowing new people and cultures.

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  I am happy to collaborate for new projects, so if you like to discuss one, drop me an e-mail at

Alessandra Pili
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