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Luca, an adorable movie

What a movie! This is what I would not expect to say after a cartoon. Something that I thought was designed only for children to enjoy. Sometimes as a adult I have prejudices that I do not even know where they are coming from. It was a pleasure to say that from now on, I will enjoy more cartoons and I cannot wait to do with popcorn when my baby will be a bit older.

I had amazing feedbacks from all my friends and above all from my niece. When Alice watched she was excited for two days and she forced us to buy her a little swimming pool to put in the garden because she wanted to be a fish, like Luca.

So, one night we turn on our Disney plus and this are my thoughts about it. Not review, but I will try to summarise the emotions it gave me and all the good vibes I have still now!

Luca is a cartoon about discovery, integration and friendship that is taking place in one of the most beautiful places in Italy, in Liguria and in the imaginary village of Portorosso.

Portorosso is the place that represents Italy at its best, maybe our best and most genuine image. There is everything that makes it special in its every day life: the hard working people that go fishing or come back with the products of the land, the chatty old ladies gossiping, the Trattoria where to eat all the typical dishes, the Latteria where to take the gelato, the VESPA, the children playing with the ball in the central square called in Italian "piazza".

It seems time has stopped in the golden era of the '50 and in the movies you will notice lot of tributes to the Italian cinema like the image of Marcello Mastroianni in the little mirror or the big plates of pasta that remind the famous scene of Alberto Sordi or the tribute to movies like Ladri di Biciclette and La strada.

Food makes a big appearance in the movie, celebrating the traditions in every way possible.

You all know pesto is coming from Liguria and in Luca it has been made really clear. Pesto is so good that does not matter if Luca and his friend eat pasta for the first time with hands.

It is also made by Giulia, their new friend and the one that welcome them in a difficult moment, with the traditional mortar and served with beans and potatoes!

Focaccia cannot be missed either, as gelato that is melting in the hands.

Not to say bad words, that all children like to repeat, Giulia also uses names of cheeses!

The movie is hilarious, full of life, colourful but in the same time serious and deep.

Close to the excitement of the adventure, of the discovery of a new world there is more.

There are the difficulties of integration, there is the bullying because you are different, there is a world that is not accepting you because of this.

There is also a world that would give everything to make you feel welcome, that will help you and that will fight against all odds with you.

Luca is a movie that makes you think, in a beautiful way.

I hope you will enjoy as I did.

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