Basil Fried bread with mozzarella, tomatoes, taggiasche olives

Nothing has to be wasted. This is a precious lesson I learnt at home. Sometimes stories from the past shape your way to be. I am coming from a modest family and I would never be ashamed to tell it at high voice. My mum was the second of four children in the 50s and after the war life was not easy for many families. Throwing away food was not even an option. So when the home baked bread was becoming hard it was made in different ways and when my grandmother wanted to spoil them (because oil was considered a luxury) she was frying it after soaking in milk and egg. So the recipe I am sharing today is partly inspired by this story and part inspired by the work of a Spanish chef called Gipsy chef.

My recipe got everything a summer recipe needs: bread, basil, tomatoes, olives mozzarella with the joy of frying that makes me always think about early mornings and open windows.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!



2 thick slices of sourdough bread

1 mozzarella

the water of 1 mozzarella

20 big leaves of basil

1 egg yolk

extra virgin olive oil


sunflower oil to fry



Cut two thick slices from your loaf or sourdough bread. Better if the bread is two/ three days old so it will absorb better the basil liquid later.

Take a mozzarella, open it and put its water into a blender. Wash 20 big leaves of basil and place them in the blender and add two pinches of salt and one spoon of extra virgin olive oil. Add now the egg yolk and mix everything and then place this “basil liquid” in a soup plate. Now place your bread into it, first one side and then the other in a way that they are well soaked.

In the meantime put a good amount of sunflower oil in a large pan to warm up and once it reaches the temperature to fry place the two slices of bread and turn them for around 10 minutes until cooked and crunchy.

On the side put some kitchen roll in a plate and when the bread is ready place on top of it and cover with more kitchen paper so it will absorb the extra oil.

Cut your mozzarella and tomatoes and start placing on top of the bread. Add your olives on top of your ”tower” and Buon Appetito!