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Ciabatta bread at home.

Lot of us never thought to be able to bake. A cake maybe, but bread. That is what I said the first time I saw the dough raising in front of my eyes. I called Francesca with an excited tone of voice: "Hey this has doubled, got even bubbles". Surprise in my eyes to see how flour, yeast and water can react and create something so good. Don't get me wrong, you don't learn to be a baker in a day and bread got so many secrets, techniques, personal knowledge, history. Francesca is talented, full of patience and she loves experimenting. She does the bread for our Accento Cafe and our panini are so good because the bread she makes everyday is the fruit of all the elements I have mentioned above. But from a learner point of view, seeing that after few times with this recipe I was having a good bread, maybe not that perfect in shape, gave me lot of satisfaction. And we genuinely hope you will have the same! Here you find our step by step recipe.



500 gr of flour

7 gr of dried yeast

350 ml of water at room temperature

1 teaspoon of sugar

15 gr of sea salt



Put the yeast, the sugar and the water in a bowl and mix them

Add the flour spoon after spoon and keep mixing

Once the flour and the yeast are totally absorbed you can add the saltand keep mixing.

Now you have a really sticky dough. Put it in a large bowl and cover it with cling paper

Let it rise for 2/3 hours until it double its size.

You now need a flat wood surface where to put this great dough. Before putting the cling film be sure the surface is a bit wet.

Put two layers of cling film in the flat surface, put plenty flour in it and put the dough in there.

Put some flour on the dough, cut in two and shape it carefully as two long ciabatta.

Put now some kitchen paper in the tray and add plenty flour or semolina.

Take the top and the bottom corner of the cling film and turn it upside down in the tray

Give them another little touch and shape them

Heat the oven at 220 degrees, place the tray for 35-40 minutes and wait patiently until cooked.

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