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Cozze as a starter

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

I always buy one kilo of mussels when I go to the fishmonger because I know that I like to enjoy them half with some pasta and half just to eat one after the other!

You can make them in different ways. Some people love just with pepper and lemon, others with tomato sauce, others with cream.

Others and this can sound as a surprise for purist ears will love with grated cheese on top like the amazing mussels I tasted in Cagliari last summer with pecorino cheese on top.

The only thing I recommend is to have some lovely toasted bread to put under your mussels or on the side.



500 gr of fresh mussels


tomato polpa or passata



parsley finely cut


After you have cleaned and debearded your mussels, place them in a large bowl with warm water and a spoon of salt for 20 minutes.

Now they are ready to be cooked.

Place them in a large pan and let them cook with a lid until they open up.

Do not cook more as the mussels risk to become chewy if overcooked.

At this time add a bit of pepper, 3 spoons of tomato polpa, some chillies if you like them spicy and the parsley.

Stir and serve with some toasted bread with olive oil on the side.

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