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Pane Indorau aka Golden bread

Lot of recipes that I know are coming from a time where nothing went to waste and all the leftovers were reused to make even better recipes.

You know I am obsessed with this practice, I rarely put something in the bin that I can freeze or transform. I bought a lovely sourdough bread last week and more than half was still in its bag. So I decide to make this Sardinian recipe that I love and that I find really good in summer time, served with some cheese and antipasti. You will find similar recipes around the world, made similar, but this one is the one that my mum used to make and that I want to share with you for a lovely dinner or to make children happy!

You can have a savoury version putting some salt on top or a sweet one adding sugar and why not honey. I actually love it with ricotta on top and honey. Try it and let me know!

I used sourdough white bread this time, but also loaf bread can be great!



4 slices of sourdough white bread

2 eggs

300 ml of milk

sunflower oil to fry




Heat enough sunflower oil to fry the bread in a large pan.

In the meantime take two large bowls and in one beat your eggs and add a little salt and in the other pour the milk.

Dip the bread slices in it, first one side then the other side and after do the same in the whisked eggs.

Once the oil reaches its temperature cook the bread slice on both sides, turning them, until the bread surfaces turn golden (indorau).

Absorb the extra oil with the help of some kitchen roll and serve hot.

Buon appetito!

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