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Gnocchetti sardi with aubergines, cherry tomatoes and scamorza (if you like it)

It seemed Glasgow had some glorious days of spring last week but, as usual, did not take long for the rain to establish again her domain.

At least it gave the illusion to see a proper blue sky and to leave for some mornings the winter jackets at home or to adventurously drive even with the car windows down.

But after this year of lockdown, it is all the little things, right?

So we went for some shopping and we anticipated a bit the season, buying some large aubergines and little cherry tomatoes. And because we miss Italy a lot, we put in the basket some scamorza cheese as well, that makes always every plate richer and more tasteful.

So it is with this spirit that this recipe is born, plus a pack of Sardinian gnocchetti that we took from the shop!

This recipe got two versions: you can make a lighter one or you can decide to fry your aubergines.

This plate is also vegan if you decide not to add the scamorza.

As you can see, always few ingredients, but plenty taste!

INGREDIENTS (2 people with good appetite)

200 gr of pasta

1 large aubergine

15 cherry tomatoes

80/100 gr of Scamorza

1 clove of garlic

extra virgin olive oil



Wash your aubergine, do not peel it, cut off the ends. Cut the aubergines in slices of 1.5 cm/finger and then cut in little squares. Now place them in a colander for around 30 minutes and put a bit of salt on top of them so they lose their water.

You can now proceed in two ways:

1) For a lighter recipe:

In a pan heat two tbsp of extra virgin olive oil, place a clove of garlic for couple of minutes and remove it. Now add the aubergines and let them cook at a low- medium heat for around 10 minutes, stirring from time to time until they get a bit of colour and they softened up (but still a little hard).

It is time now to add the cherry tomatoes that you have previously washed and cut in two.

Mixed them with the aubergines and, keeping the same hob temperature, stir a bit and add two tbsp of water. After 5/10 minutes your sauce should be ready.

2) For a less light recipe:

In a pan heat two tbsp of extra virgin olive oil, place a clove of garlic for couple of minutes and remove it.

Add now the cherry tomatoes previously washed and cut in two and let them cook at a low heat for no more than 5 minutes and add two tbsp of cooking water.

In another pan put a good amount of extra virgin olive oil, heat it until it is good to put your aubergines to fry in it. After 5 minutes or when they reach their golden colour and soft consistency, remove them with a colander and place them in a plate where you had previously put some paper towel to absorb the extra oil.

You can add them to the cherry tomatoes sauce now, stir them and wait for the pasta, adding some more cooking water if needed.

In the meantime you are preparing your vegetables, bring the water to boil, salt it and start cooking your pasta.

Also cut in little cubes the scamorza cheese and keep on the side, we will need at the very end of this recipe.

When the pasta is al dente transfer it to the pan with the aubergines and the tomatoes and simmer it until the sauce and the pasta become one thing. Add two more tbsp of cooking water if you see it dry and cook like you were cooking a risotto.

After this step, move the pan from the hot stove, add the scamorza and stir all around the pan with the help of a large spoon until melted and until you see it is bubbling.

If you like but not compulsory , after the water is absorbed cut with your hands two or three leaves of basil and keep stirring.

Serve immediately with a touch of basil on top to decorate.

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