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Polpette al sugo

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The onions stir frying in olive oil, that tomato sauce bubbling, the touch of basil at the end.

The hundred checks to see if the meatballs are finally ready, this wood spoon that never get tired of being your best companion.

These are some of the rituals we have in our kitchen.

Francesca always bring the professional side at home and no one is allowed to put his hands in the food, no multiple tasting sessions, no nibbles while you are cooking that can alter the flavours in your palate. She surrenders only when she gets tired of the hundred attempts to steal food and she gives you a crumble just to make you happy.

Great results come from dedication and following hygiene rules and be patient are some of the secrets.

But a touch of Alessandra, with different clean spoons, can't harm anyone and can guarantee that each phase is 100% complete at its best.

Here you find a recipe that is never ending. Our advice is to cook a bit more tomato sauce for your meatballs, so when you finish them, you still have some sauce to do your scarpetta with, that translated means you can clean the plate with your bread!

Below you find the ingredients and the method to make your polpette at home with the recipe to make them with a lovely tomato sauce.



for the polpette

250 gr of beef mince

250 gr of pork mince

2 eggs

40 gr of breadcrumbs

1 or 2 leaves of parsley

1/2 garlic clove


for the polpette al sugo

polpette from the previous recipe

3 tbsp of olive oil

400 ml of passata Mutti or organic passata

1/2 onion


basil leaves to decorate



For making the polpette:

Put the meat in a large bowl and mix with your hands.

Add the eggs, the parsley, the breadcrumbs and keep mixing until you obtain a big compact ball. Cover the bowl with cling paper and let it rest for at least two hours in the fridge to have a more tender meat.

Now make some little balls helping your self with a touch of olive oil in your hands.

Your polpette are ready to be cooked in the way you prefer!

For making the sugo for your polpette:

Heat 3 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil in a large pan and place your polpette in it and

start cooking them , first on one side and after 2/3 minutes on the other side

Add now the onions and cook them until softened and golden

Add now the tomato sauce and let it cook for 15-20 minutes and adjust with some salt

Add also a teaspoon of sugar

Enjoy and do scarpetta with all this tomato sauce with our ciabatta bread

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