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Marinated mushrooms

Easy, fresh, summer.

Not cooking too many hot dishes recently.

Last week was my birthday and had a small party in the flat with some friends and family as all restaurants were still closed. I love cooking, especially if I have special guests.

Francesca provided light focaccia and tiramisu' and I focused on the antipasti feast.

Among the dishes there was this one that I adore to serve with some bresaola, I think the two match perfectly.

Lemon, extra virgin olive oil, raw mushrooms to macerate.

No ovens or cooker involved, just the help of the fridge.




200 gr of mushrooms, champignon quality

3 spoons of extra virgin olive oil

the juice of 1 big lemon or 2 small

sea salt

parsley finely chopped



Cut your lemons in 2 parts, squeeze them and filter the juice.

Put the juice in a little bowl where you will add 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of sea salt.

Now wash carefully your mushrooms removing all the dirt. Dry them off with the help of a tea towel or kitchen paper and after, remove the stems and slice them thinly.

Place them in a flat plate and add the lemon&oil.

Cover with cling film and let them rest in the fridge for at least two hours, stirring from time to time to get an homogeneous result.

Before bringing them to the table, chop finely some parsley and add to the mushrooms together with some extra virgin olive oil.

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