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Melanzane Ripiene/ Stuffed aubergines

As you have noticed, aubergines are one of our favourite veggies and because you can cook them in so many ways there is not an end for our recipes.

This one is a rich one that our mum used to do in summer time, usually on a Sunday because it requires a bit more time to cook all the ingredients.

She was making them early in the morning because in Sardinia turning on the oven with 40 degrees is not ideal but here in Scotland we don't have this problem so we can proceed nice and calm.

This is a meaty recipe but you can make it vegetarian or vegan mixing up different veggies to fill your aubergines. We also prefer, as suggested by the mother, to slightly fry the aubergines before the oven, to make them even a bit richer.



2 large long aubergines

250 gr of pork mince

1/2 onion

1/2 carrot

1 egg

2 table spoons of breadcrumbs

Extra virgin olive oil

Sunflower oil to fry the aubergines

Parmesan ceese



Cut in little squares half onion and half carrot.

In a large pan heat two tablespoons of olive oil and start stir frying them at a low heat.

In the meantime divide your aubergines in two on the long side and with the help of a knife and a spoon empty them of their pulp. Be careful to leave a thick skin to the aubergines in this operation because they have to be like a little boat for your fillings!

Cut in little squares the pulp and put to stir fry together with the onion and the carrot.

In another pan cook your pork mince and once cooked with all the water absorbed add it to the pan with the veggies (they have to be ready as well), stir them, adjust with salt and once all the flavours are mixed turn off and let it rest.

Move this into a bowl and add one egg and two tablespoons of breadcrumbs and mix with your hands.

Now take a pan, add some sunflower oil and fry your aubergines until softened but not too much. Once ready absorb the oil in excess with some kitchen roll.

Turn now the oven at 180 degrees fan/ 200 static.

In the mean time take a tray, put some baking paper and place your aubergines.

Now with the help of a table spoon fill them with the meat and veggies and grate some parmesan on top.

Cook them for 30 minutes. Serve them hot after a rest of 5 minutes.

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