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Minestrina - broth with pastina

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

In Italy everything goes away if you eat minestrina. If you are feeling a bit weak or tired, minestrina made by mum or granny, treats every kind of illness.

It can be done using only veggies for a lighter version or using chicken or beef meat for a richer one.

In both cases the thing that cannot be missed is the "pastina", how Italians call the little shapes of pasta to use in this case. It can be stelline, puntine, ditalini, semolino.

Lot of people prefer with lot of pasta and we are part of it, but others prefer just a small quantity. You can add parmesan on top or if you feel to be still a child (like us- no shame) you can add one of the cheese triangles and wait for it to melt.

In some parts of Italy, there is also the tradition to break an egg into it and do what is called stracciatella and this is definitely part of the steps to heaven!



1 onion

1/2 carrots

2 large potatoes

1 vine tomato

1 celery stick

extra virgin olive oil


2 l of water



Wash your vegetables.

Dice your onion. Peel your carrot and the celery and slice them.

Cut your tomato in 4 parts.

Place all your veggies in a large pot, add the water and bring it to boil.

Let it cook for at least 1 hour at medium heat. Check from time to time.

Once your broth is ready you can now filter it with the help of a colander.

Once filtered, bring it to boil and add your pasta.

Adjust with salt if needed.

Serve hot.

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