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There is a square table. Our dad is focused, he is chopping and cutting all the veggies with a note of perfectionism, with different cut boards, different knives, some bowls. The veggies are all cut in the same way, with the same shape because he says that after it will not only look better but also taste better. Standing close to the door of the kitchen there is our mum asking: "are the veggies ready? It is already 11 o'clock". That it means, it is late. In our house we always had a bit of British times to set the table, so usually lunch has always been a bit early during the weekends. As you could understand from the facts stated here, there have been always two teams minestrone: quick and big chunks of veggies and precise and tiny. Practical VS Perfectionist. Of course now we understand both sides but we are not going to tell who we think is right. For children: blending the minestrone and make it creamy gets better chance for them to like it! Touch of olive oil and it is perfect. You can also add some pasta in it, after the minestrone is cooked. We suggest the Ditalini.



1 onion 1 big carrot 4 potatoes 1/2 celery leaf 1 courgette 2 tomatoes 80 gr of cannellini or borlotti beans 80 gr of peas 100 gr of cauliflower 100gr of broccoli Extra virgin olive oil Salt/ Pepper


METHOD Heat two tbsp of olive oil and stir fry at low heat the onion, the celery and the carrots together until they are softened and golden Add now the beans and add just a small amount of water to cover them and let the water boil Add now the potatoes and like before just cover them with water and let the water boil Add now the cauliflower and the broccoli, mix and add some water to cover them and cook for 20 minutes and cover with a lid Now add courgettes and peas, cover with water and cook for 10 minutes more and cover with the lid Open, add the tomatoes and add water to cover them and add salt and pepper to season, close with the lid. Let it cook for other ten minutes and  your minestrone is ready Enjoy like this or blend it

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