Music for cooking

When I am cooking I need to reconnect with all the music I used to listen when I was in Italy.

I opened a Spotify under the name ItalianFoodUk where I add all the songs that you find in my stories or reels.

It is mostly music from the past, of songwriters, some more famous than others but that really made the story of Italian music. I like also some more modern music, do not worry, I am 35 and still interested in what is going on and always love to know what is new.

But when I am cooking, the music I choose is coming up on its own, that plate is calling it.

So I am really happy to share it with you. Here in link my first playlist on Spotify:

Rino Gaetano- Ma il cielo è sempre più blu

Giani Russo- Un’estate al mare

Raffaella Carrà- A far l’amore comincia tu

Lu Colombo- Maracaibo

Gianni Morandi- Fatti mandare dalla mamma

Rita Pavone- Il ballo del mattone

Domenico Modugno- Volare

Toni Renis- Quando Quando

Edoardo Vianello- Abbronzattissima

and more!

Enjoy your Italian Music 🇮🇹