My Birthday Party

Updated: Aug 8

Last month was my birthday.

I invited home some friends and this, after almost a year of not seeing them, made me a bit emotional.

Technology has been a big help in these times, especially to reach my family in Italy and Spain, but nothing can really beat a hug.

I was so excited that I cooked like I was having 100 guests.

I created a vintage party, the party I was having when me and my friends were children, when our mums were making everything from scratch, when having a birthday was for real fun and for eating and drinking this you were not allowed all the time.

Here you find a list of the things I made:


This is the sweet I make for every birthday. It is the sweet my mum was preparing since I could drink coffee, pretty early, and the favourite dessert of my grandpa. So, there is no chance to find a different cake, not even one of these fancy ones.

This time I made a giant one, super creamy, with only two layers of biscuits. It was so creamy that honestly I had difficulties to cut it nicely.

My little niece helped me to blow the candles. She thinks that every cake is for her birthday and I was really happy to share the stage with her!

You find the recipe in Instagram and in the website

Rice Salad

This is the plate you will find everywhere during the summer time.

My version needs to have 4 essential ingredients: wurst, boiled eggs, tuna, black olives and mayo, lot of mayo.

For my birthday I did without mayo and adding sweetcorn. You can add also tomatoes cheese or pickles. Rice salad is really versatile and open to changes!


Little round buns filled with meats and cheeses.

I don't know you but when I was going to a birthday party I was trying one of each. A bit to compare and a bit because they are so good and they go one after the other.

For my birthday I made them with these fillings:

- salame milano, tomatoes, mozzarella and mayo

- mortadella, tomatoes, pecorino and mayo

- parma ham, rocket and mozzarella

- ham, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and mayo

Little secret to maintain them fresh through the day, if you are doing them in the morning: put some mayo in both parts of the bun, place them in a ceramic plate and cover them with a humid kitchen towel or some sheets of kitchen paper to avoid the paninetti to get dry.


I go crazy for them, totally crazy and I think I am able to eat 100 of them thinking they they are light because they come in little triangles.

Fresh white bread with no crust, no toasted filled with these ingredients are the best for me:

- tuna, tomatoes, boiled eggs and mayo

- tuna, tomatoes and mayo

- ham, cheese, mushrooms and mayo

- salame milano, mozzarella and mayo

- spinach, mozzarella and mayo