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Paccheri capers, olives, tomatoes and anchovies

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

I am honest with you. This is just a version of a dish I completely fall in love with when I went to visit one of my aunties this summer in Sardinia.

She is a great cook and she knows how much we enjoy spending a weekend with them that always end up eating well, drinking good wine and visiting small villages.

We announced our visit well in advance, like three months before, as big was the excitement.

My auntie always put a full pack of pasta when we are there- it ended up we ate 150 gr of pasta each with no shame. The condiment she made this time was unbelievable. There was so much fresh tuna, capers, and olives in a slightly spicy tomato sauce that you could eat two dishes, really. When I cannot stop eating I have always in mind my mother's recommendations when we were young and among them, there was the one of not eating much when invited for lunch or dinner somewhere else. I cannot stop myself, I was swimming in indulgence. I could not find any fresh tuna so I swap with anchovies.

I hope I did a good tribute to her dish- can't wait to find out.




black or green olives

cherry tomatoes- divide them in two



basil and parsley


Cut your anchovies into small square pieces.

In a pan warm up some extra virgin olive oil and add a clove of garlic. Cook first your anchovies for a few minutes then add your cherry tomatoes and cook them until they got tender.

Add the olives and cook for a few minutes.

Bring your water to boil, add some salt and cook your pasta. When al dente, move your pasta to the pan with the condiment, add two spoons of cooking water and stir to get all the flavors in until cooked.

Add some fresh parsley and basil as a final touch.

Serve immediately and enjoy!

Buon Appetito

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