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Pasta aglio, olio and peperoncino

Probably the easiest life saver- lunch of all times.

I have decided to publish this recipe as the last in the Advent Calendar as this always was our lunch on the 24th of December. I'll explain you why.

As a family tradition, the night of the 24th has always been spent with my mum's relatives so everyone was coming home for dinner. We have a big leaving room where everyone can fit comfortably so it has always been us hosting this.

I remember setting the room from the morning. We opened the table- we got still the same one- and doubled its size and then add a kind plastic table to put close to it that was usually destined to be the famous "kids table". Put the table cloth for the day, the plates, the glasses and the cutlery we had to use alongside cloth napkins. My mum would feel less stressed if she got this organised. So while she was focused on preparing everything for later, the lunch has to been something simple that not disturbed her schedule and that was easy to make and not too heavy. Just a small lunch not to arrive to the big dinner starving.

So pasta with garlic and peperoncino became a classic of the festivities even if this can sound strange, I know.

Here my recipe then with some little tips to make it perfect and creamy just using the ingredients below.


two cloves of garlic to cut in little pieces



breadcrumbs from Tarallini (optional)


Extra virgin Olive oil


Bring your water to boil and salt it. Add your linguine.

In the meantime, in a pan put a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil and once hot add the garlic and let it cook until golden. Add some parsley and chillies. Add two big spoons of pasta water.

Get your tarallini and make kind of breadcrumbs of them.

When the pasta is almost ready, a bit harder than al dente move it to the pan and keep cooking it until ready adding cooking water when needed.

In this way it will become creamy and you don't have to add any butter on it.

Serve immediately- add the breadcrums and enjoy immediately too!

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