Pasta Salad

Updated: Mar 22

As promised, this is one of the summer dishes we are going to share here.

After the pesto sauce, this cold pasta is one easy recipe you will enjoy making and above all eating. Ideal to cook in the morning to have the lunch ready later or a great recipe to do the night before to bring at work with you or at the park as a snack in the afternoon with some fruit. Usually is a recipe that everyone enjoys but if someone in the family does not like one or two of the ingredients, they can be swapped with some mozzarella or capers just to mention two. Let us know how you enjoy your cold pasta!


200 gr of fusilli pasta

8 cherry tomatoes, cut in two or four

one can of tuna in olive oil or sunflower oil

10 black olives

10 fresh basil leaves


Bring your water to boil, add a spoon of coarse salt and cook your pasta until al dente.

Once the pasta is cooked, use a colander and transfer in a bowl.

Add some olive oil and basil leaves, stir it and let cool it down for one hour or two.

Once cold add the other ingredients, stir them and let all the flavours mix together for other 30 minutes.


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