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Arrabbiata means UPSET or ANGRY in Italian and it seems that the name for this sauce comes from the fact that while you are eating it your face is becoming red as if you were upset and smoke coming out of your ears. It is up to you to make it that spicy but it is true that this sauce got character in all its simplicity.

Simplicity is KEY in Italian Food and we'll never get tired to repeat it. The more ingredients you see in an Italian dish, the less authentic it is. Italian cuisine is sophisticated in this sense and this pasta is a demonstration of it. Garlic, chillies, tomato sauce make the perfect combination for a plate of pasta that can save a dinner with class.



1 head of garlic

1/2 teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes or chillies


300 ml of

tomato sauce

passata or 1 tin of plummed tomatoes

Extra virgin olive oil




Heat the olive oil in a large pan

Divide one garlic clove in two and press it with fork to free the flavour 

Add it now to the pan with the chillies and stir fry gently

If you don't have the passata, press the plummed tomatoes with a fork and add to the pan

Cover it with the lid and cook for around 10/15 minutes at a medium heat

Add now some salt and taste the sauce to see and add more chillies if you like

Cook the pasta in a separate pan and when al dente add it to the sauce

Final touch of parsley, mix it and your arrabbiata is ready!

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