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This recipe is a celebration of our Scottish new life.

Before moving here more than six years ago we were not aware of the existence of red lentils.

Our mum cooked only the green ones with pancetta and tomatoes, but no traces of this red kind in supermarkets or local veggie shop.

In general I really enjoy a good plate of lentils or lentil soup in winter time with a bit of bread and I totally love the consistence and the more delicate flavour the red lentils have.

Totally different game for Francesca, she hates lentils since she was a child, since her time at the nursery and the only chance for her to eat them is on Hogmanay /31st of December for an Italian tradition.

This recipe anyway is also good for not big fans of lentils, because the flavour is absolutely well balanced with the carrots and the potatoes and during cooking time the lentils tend to reduce as well so you are not going to see them too much!

Healthy, Easy, Colourful and delicious.



200 gr of red lentils

1 onion 

4 carrots

3 large potatoes

olive oil

salt- pepper

1 L of water more or less



Dice an onion, cut the carrots and the potatoes in small pieces

Heat a tbsp of olive oil in a large saucepan 

Add the diced onions and cook until softened 

Add the carrots and saute' them for few minutes then add the potatoes and the lentils

Put to boil one litre (more or less) of water and add half of it in the pan and stir it

from time to time and cover

After 15 minutes add the rest of the water

Adjust it with salt at your pleasure

Soup is ready when potatoes and carrots are soft

You can eat it as it is with all the veggie chunks or use a blender for a creamy soup



If you had cut your veggies in small pieces you can enjoy this soup in chunks, otherwise use the blender to have a creamy soup.

You can keep this soup vegan as in the recipe or you can add some parmesan on top or some cream.

Definitely olive oil on top is a must.

If you like to give it an oriental touch, we love a bit of cumin.

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