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Rigatoni Peppers and Mascarpone

The day after my birthday I had some leftovers and of course nothing went to be wasted.

I had the amount of two roasted peppers left but I did not want to eat them just with bread. So I made this plate of pasta, super easy and full of taste.

Peppers, Mascarpone and some basil leaves: all in the blender for a wonderful creamy sauce.

Sometimes the best ideas come when you run out of ideas or ingredients!



200 gr of pasta

2 peppers

some basil leaves

2 spoons of mascarpone cheese

extra virgin olive oil




Roast 2 peppers following the recipe you find here ( and once cold, remove the skin and cut in small slices.

Take a blender and put your peppers, two spoons of mascarpone cheese, some basil leaves previously washed, 1 spoon of extra virgin olive oil and one pinch of salt.

You have your sauce ready to be warmed up.

Bring some water to boil, add a spoon of coarse sea salt and cook your pasta.

In the meantime take a pan big enough to move the pasta in, heat a bit of olive oil and use a clove of garlic. After few minutes add your sauce to warm up. Add two spoons of the pasta water and keep stirring until it is hot. Remove the garlic.

When your pasta is al dente move to the pan with the sauce with the help of a slotted spoon.

Mix your pasta with the sauce, let it absorb it and stir in the meantime with a wood spoon.

Serve and add some parmesan on top!

Buon appetito!

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