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Asparagus time in Sardinia it means one thing. If you live in the countryside or close to some fields, when the asparagus season is on, you become a hunter. And the competition with your friends becomes really hard. More recently you start seeing lot of pictures on the socials of people showing off "asparagus bouquets" and all the recipes they make from them. The asparagus is of a different kind, it is thinner and slimmer and is hiding well, so it is not easy to spot them in the grass. It is true that it is like a little adventure and our mum has always been a champion. Asparagus risotto or pasta, asparagus puree, asparagus frittata were among the dishes during the season. It is a shame in Scotland we don't have the weather for this kind of veggie but we can assure you can do amazing dishes with the asparagus you can find in supermarkets and local shop. Try to choose the slim ones, in our opinion they are a bit more tender and they cook a bit quicker.



12 asparagus

70 gr of butter

350 gr of rice Arborio or Carnaroli

500 ml of vegetable stock or salted hot water

1/2 glass of white wine



Extra virgin olive oil



Wash the asparagus, remove the end and cut in little pieces.

Heat the olive oil in a pan and and stir them until they become tender.

In another pan heat the butter and once melted add the rice and stir it until toasted

Now move the asparagus in the pan with the rice and stir for one minute.

Add the white wine and let it evaporate.

Add now slowly and in different times, until absorption, the vegetable stock or the salted water and stir it patiently until the rice is cooked.

Add a little spoon of butter and stir it well.

Let it rest for few minutes and if you like add parmesan on top.



If you like to make a vegan version of this risotto, you can avoid the use of butter and substitute it with extra virgin olive oil.

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