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Linguine Vongole

This dish and the linguine with my mussels: I can eat them every day of my life.

I find clams a bit easier to clean than mussels which is why if I find them at the fish counter or the fishmonger I will be over the moon.

Cleaning them requires less time too. I usually put them in some warm water and salt for an hour before cooking them.

In the meantime, I prepare everything I need on the side and I open a nice bottle of white wine that I will also use to garnish the clams!

It is an operation of joy, isn't it? So it has to be merry and cheerful!

This can also be the primo for a Christmas lunch or dinner that is fish based. It is in the heart of many. I like clams only cooked with garlic and parsley but in this case, I wanted to be brave and I added some cherry tomatoes too!




Garlic- 1 or 2 cloves

8 Cherry tomatoes to cut in 2


1 glass of white wine

Extra virgin olive oil


Be sure your clams are clean and no sand has stayed inside. I cover them in water and salt for one hour and after removing the dirt I wash them under running water again.

In a large pan add some extra virgin olive oil and put your garlic cloves and the cherry tomatoes. Cook them until they are a bit tender and they lose their skin (remove it).

Add the clams and the glass of white wine and let evaporate. Cover the pan with a lid for a couple of minutes until the clams are open. Once cooked, remove part of them from the pan and remove them from the shell as you need room to cook your pasta there!

In the meantime bring your water to boil, add the salt and cook your pasta al dente.

Once al dente, move the pasta into the pan with the clams and add two large spoons of pasta water and stir it until cooked. Add some parsley and the clams that you had put on the side.

Serve immediately and enjoy!

Buon Appetito!

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