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Spinach Frittata

Something green for this advent Calendar! Green does not mean boring.

Frittate are a great way to introduce veggies to the table, especially for children that are always not welcoming them with the love they deserve.

My mum used to do lots of them when we were at home.

Onions/ Spinach and mozzarella/ potatoes and sausage/ peas.

I love making them as well as they are a great substitute for raw veggies that sometimes it is too cold outside to eat.

You only need a bit of practice with how to turn the frittata from one side to the other.

My advice is to cook your frittata in a large pan and to always use a plate slightly larger than it to turn it! And last but not least a tip about the pan to use: it has to be a non-stick frying pan. Here below is the recipe for a medium size frittata that serves 4 people or that you can make as a side or for a snack.


500 of spinach (fresh or frozen)

5 large eggs

80 gr of parmesan

2 spoons of breadcrumbs

extra virgin olive oil



Cook your spinach and try to remove all the water after cooking. After this step put some olive oil in a pan, a clove of garlic, and add the spinach for 2/3 minutes, a pinch of salt, and let get all the flavors.

In the meantime, beat your eggs in a bowl and add the parmesan and the breadcrumbs.

Once the spinach cooled down a bit add them to the bowl and mix them together.

In a non-stick frying pan warm up two large spoons of olive oil and add the frittata mix.

Cover with a lid at medium-low heat and when you see that the part below starts getting golden it is time to turn it. Use a slightly large flat plate to turn the frittata and cook it until golden. Check with a fork if it is still liquid inside. If so, turn it again for a few more minutes.

You can serve it hot or cold- up to you: it is great both ways!

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