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We started brunching when we moved here in Scotland.

Usually in Italy breakfast is a sweet affair. Both at home with coffee and biscuits or homemade cakes or in your local coffee shop with a huge selection of pastries.

Eggs are still considered a lunch thing. Fritte, al sugo, poached they made their entrance in Italian tables after 12 but here is a totally different game and we learnt how to adapt quickly.

Saturday and Sundays are made for a relaxed brunch at home with a nice coffee from our Bialetti coffeepot and some orange juice. But, of course, we can't forget where we learnt to appreciate the simple things. Our mum used to cook eggs al sugo when she run out of ideas for lunch and in an Italian kitchen cupboard you will always find a tin of tomato sauce and some eggs. Bit of bread to do the scarpetta at the end and kids are happy!



4 eggs

400 gr of chopped tomatoes

extra virgin olive oil

salt/ pepper

basil leaves



Heat two tbsp of olive oil in a large pan and add the tomato sauce and cook at a slow heat for around 10/15 minutes, add some basil leaves and season it with some salt and pepper.

Add the eggs and let them cook until you see the whites are ready.

Serve with some nice bread to enjoy all this sugo.


If you like to add some onions, you can do it. Just soften them until golden, like in a soffritto, before putting the tomato sauce.

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