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Venere Rice with salmon and courgettes

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Riso Venere is a wholegrain rice. It is an aromatic rice, rich in nutritional elements and since we have discovered it we love experimenting with different flavours.

One combination we find particularly good is with salmon, better if smoked to give a nice contrast. We love adding some courgettes to give not only a delicate note but to add some colour to the dish as well.

The only annoying thing about this rice is the cooking time: 45 minutes but we can guarantee it totally worth the wait.

You can enjoy it hot or cold as a nice rice salad.



200 gr of Venere Rice

200 gr of fresh salmon or smoked salmon

2 courgettes to cut in little cubes

Extra virgin olive oil




Bring some water to boil in a big pan and once boiling add a spoon of coarse sea salt, add the rice and let it cook for 45 minutes.

In the meantime wash your courgettes and dice them in little cubes.

In a pan heat two spoons of extra virgin olive oil and cook the courgettes until golden at medium heat. Remove the skin from your salmon and cut it in little square pieces and add to the courgettes and stir fry until cooked, for at least 2/3 minutes.

When rice is ready, move it to the pan and cook for other 3 minutes to get all the flavours together adding a spoon of olive oil.

You can serve it hot or cold as a rice salad

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