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I grew up going with my dad to take “una pasta” (as Sardinians call breakfast pastries) on Sunday morning with my fruit juice. If it was not at the coffee shop, our dad was bringing some pastries home when going for the newspaper.

In that white bag, that of course was getting a bit sticky, on the way back.

That sugar that you have to remove licking your fingers.

These pastries reminded me this piece of childhood. The reason why when we opened Accento Cafe we decided to make them since day 1.

Lot of people call them in a different way and it is true you can find them in lot of places. Always happy to find giant ones in Spain, even happier when they are covered with chocolate 🍫🍫🍫


1 roll of puff pastry



Ventagli are really easy to make. What you essentially need are a roll of puff pastry to take out from the fridge ten minutes before starting and some granulated sugar.

You make your puff pastry roll flat on a surface. (just put some white sugar also under)

Place granulated sugar all over the flat pastry.

Now make two rolls folding the left and right sides of the pastry to the middle.

Put some more sugar on top.

Now slice the rolled pastry into pieces of around 1.5 cm. Put some baking paper in a tray and place the ventagli, keeping a bit of space between them so the pastry can puff. Little more sugar on top. Bake for 20 minutes at 200 degrees or until golden.

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