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Watermelon in a salad

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

We are born with prejudices. what we have to do with age is to start a battle against them!

One of mine was for example divide fruit and veggies and, apart some exceptions, never use them for the same plate. Luckily, my curiosity has been bigger and in these years I‘ve been a bit more brave and tried some risotti with orange, meat with lemon or melon and more recipes that I will share with you.

In these days I am finding really difficult to cook something warm staying in front of the cooker, especially at lunch time. So today I did a long walk with the baby and I stopped at the supermarket for some shopping. I took a small watermelon and I knock on its rind with the hand to see if it was good. I liked the sound and I put in the basket. It did not disappoint, it was a small one but crunchy, juicy, with few seeds as I like.

Perfect for a salad!

Here you find a simple recipe, refreshing and light!



1 cucumber

8 cherry tomatoes

10 black olives

3 slices of a small watermelon for a total of 20 square pieces

20 little cubes of feta cheese

extra virgin olive oil


some mint leaves



Take a bowl for your salad and start placing all the ingredients as you cut them.

Peel your cucumber, divide in two and cut it in thin slices.

Divide your cherry tomatoes in two.

Open your feta pack and cut two slices of around 1/1.5 cm and then divide in two and cut it in little cubes. Add your olives after.

Now take your small watermelon and cut 2/3 slices and after removing well the rind, create around 20 squares medium size.

Add some mint leaves for extra freshness.

Two spoons of extra virgin olive oil, some pinches of salt and your salad is ready!

Buon Appetito!

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